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Static Website Designing Company in Delhi

A Static Website covers fixed contents and fixed webpages. Every Page is coded in HTML and displays the same info to every sightseer. Static Website Design sites are the most elementary type of Website and are the easiest to create. Unlike Dynamic websites, they do not need a database Design of web programming. A static website is distributed to the user just as stored unlike dynamic web pages; which are generated by a Web application. A static website is the simplest way of making any website you can build. Static websites are written in HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets). Have a look at the traits of static web design and you will surely look for Web Designing Company in Delhi.

Static websites are informational website mostly for startups or for those business ventures where the business nature does not make it obligatory for the business owners to set up an interactive website design. They are very plain in nature and require more technical knowledge to update them.

Following are pros of having a static website for your business:

  • Static Websites is inexpensive.
  • Hosting a static website is also economical as static domains are not much costly.
  • It is quick to develop a static website as responsive elements are absent.
  • It is ideal for small websites which do not require timely changes in the webpage.
  • It is easier for search engines to index static websites.
  • It is quicker to transfer on slow connections.

Consider the last point in the pros. It is very vital to each to consumers no matter what are the circumstances. If your potential customer is low on data or having a poor internet connection, your static website can win you a consumer at that time. As the static website does not contain interactive contents, they can operate in slow internet connections also. This will leave a positive impression of your business on the viewer and he might turn into a consumer.

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