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We bear no tolerant approach towards Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM, on our network. None of our associates or customers is allowed to use our network for managing UCE. Resellers of the company shall not host, or consent to host of, sites or any information publicized by UCE from other networks as well. Breach of this policy may result in a strict penalty, including immediate termination of services.


Broadcasting, storage, or circulation of any information, data, or material in contravention of any relevant law or guideline, or that might facilitate the breach of any particular law or regulation is strictly unauthorized. We reserve the right to assist with legal authorities or wounded party during the investigation of any alleged crime.


Clients cannot use products or services to assemble, or try to assemble, private information/details about third parties, lacking their knowledge or written consent. Transfer and/or proportion of copyrighted intrusion will not be tolerated.


Usage of our services is at your sole risk. The company is not answerable for any data and/or files residing on your account. You agree to be liable for Data transfer, files, and maintenance of proper backup of data and files put up on Host Gator servers. We are sanctioned to take weekly backups of data. These backups serve the purpose of server restoration. The clients are solely responsible for taking the backup of the files of their own which can easily be done with the help of the Backup Management included in each control panel.We do not entertain any hosting for the operability of mailing lists. Any mailing lists
found in our servers shall be shut down with immediate effect by us without any prior notice. The same applies to the sites which encourage any illegitimate activity or are in any way injurious to the company servers or any other internet server. Even URLs to such sort of materials are subject to annihilation.

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