What is difference between Google ads and Facebook ads?

What is difference between Google ads and Facebook ads?

We all have seen ads in Google search and Facebook feeds, but what’s the difference between them actually? Google AdWords and Facebook Ads both serve businesses great opportunities to reach customers.

Google Ads: Serve to people on their keyword searches, Google is all about "User Intent".

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Facebook Ads: Served to People based on their Characteristics and general preferences.

Facebook is all about "User Personality/behavior"  “Facebook Ads Services in Delhi”

The difference in aim implies that the two systems contrast in what sorts of business objectives they're best for. Facebook Ads are great for building brand awareness. Google AdWords is great for putting the item or service you offer in front of the user when they looking for it.

Notable Point:

  • Google users are driven. Facebook users are browsing.
  • AdWords helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers find you.
  • Google has a pull marketing strategy, Facebook is about brand awareness.
  • Google is much better than Facebook when it comes to the query intent. They can provide a solution to their users in the moment of searching.
  • The source suggests that Google will charge you $2.75 to reach 1000 users, and Facebook only $0.25.
  • Facebook is more about brand awareness while Google is about providing results at the moment of search.

Another difference among Facebook and Google advertisements is the expense per click on every stage. On AdWords, advertisers can spend more than $100 per click in extremely focused industries, however on Facebook, you can pay as meager as $0.25 per click depending upon the CTR and focusing on elements for your promotion.


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