Static websites


Websites are of two types – dynamic and static. A dynamic website is one that keeps changing where new pages are generated by an application. On the other hand, static websites are those that are constant or they are seen by the user as delivered. Static websites are the most common type of websites and are simple and easy to create. This is a basic website.


Static website design


Digitlism is a Static Website Designing Company in Armenia that helps clients to create a basic website making use of static web design. These websites are basically HTML documents. They would be suited for a website where the information or content once written does not change very often. Such websites do not depend on application servers or databases and can hence work independently.


Our services


We offer the best Static Website Design services in Armenia. We follow a systematic approach to web design.


  • We first understand the client requirements by understanding their expectations from the website.
  • We then study websites of competitors.
  • Based on our study we come out with a design that is interactive, simple, user-friendly and can attract users to the website.
  • Our design helps in promoting the client’s brand.

Our Services