What is CRM? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy used to build a strong relationship with customers to provide them the best service. CRM uses technology in the form of a software using which all client interactions can be captured. This makes it easy to engage with the customer and have a single platform for all functions to interact with customers.


CRM Development :

Digitlism offers CRM software Development in Armenia for its clients. A CRM software solution developed by us would offer features like: 

  • Effective management of contacts with customers
  • Ability to manage leads and track them till conversion
  • Email management
  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns
  • Managing social media interactions
  • Handling support issues with customers and tracking
  • Analytics and reports that provide valuable inputs to management


 CRM Development project :

We are the top CRM Development Company in Armenia and offer our services to work on a CRM  development project for you. When you avail of our services, you can be assured of getting a top-quality CRM solution that meets your business needs. Our CRM will help you handle your customer interactions in a highly effective way and this can help you build a strong relationship with customers.

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