What is a B2C portal?


A B2C or business to consumer portal is one where a business sells it product to consumers online through the website. This is an e-commerce portal, where the consumer can login and go through the list of consumer goods listed and shop for whatever he wants. A business can thus use a website to reach out to consumers and do business online. For this, they would need to have a B2C e-commerce portal.


B2C portal development


We offer B2C Portal Development Armenia and we ensure that the web portal we develop would be user-friendly and allow the full scope of e-commerce transactions to be carried out. This would include:


  • Search for products
  • Product catalogs with product details and pricing
  • Facility for customers to login to save past data
  • Use of virtual shopping cart to add goods and then easy check out when shopping is completed
  • Payment module for online payment with an integration to the payment gateway
  • Ability to track orders till delivery
  • Feedback from customer post-delivery


B2C development services


Digitlism is a well-known B2C Portal Development Company in Armenia that is well-versed in developing B2C portals. Working with us ensures you get the best quality portal.

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