What is a B2B portal?


A B2B or business to business portal is one that allows a business to offer its products and services online to other businesses. Companies and industries need raw material, equipment, and other resources to manufacture their products. They would obtain it from other companies. This is B2B. A B2B portal is where products meant for businesses are sold. For eg: sale of machinery to an industry.


B2B portal development


We offer b2b website development for our clients and can help them create a B2B e-commerce portal using Magento. This portal will be useful for the clients to reach out to various industries and businesses who can then buy their products using the portal. A B2B portal generally has more high value products and the value of transactions would be high. Also there would be repeat purchases for items like raw materials and consumables.  Therefore, the B2B Portal Development Company in Armenia creating the portal would need to ensure that it supports a lot of transactions.


B2B website development services


Digitlism is one of the leading companies that offer B2B Development in Armenia. Our services would ensure that our clients get the best e-commerce portal to sell their products online.

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